The Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop
Queenstown Events Centre
February 29 - March 2, 2012
Frequently Asked Questions

Queenstown, New Zealand

Agent selection and quality assurance

All workshop attendees will be able to use the eSchedule PRO system to completely customise and control who they will meet at the workshop.

Q. Will I meet agents already sending students to Australia and New Zealand, or agents wanting to send students to Australia and New Zealand, or both?
A. Both

Q. Will the organisers guarantee I can meet 35 agents over the 2 days of formal 1:1 meetings?
A. You will have the ability to pre-schedule up to 35 x 1:1 meetings with agents at your designated meeting table. As long as you pay your registration fees at least 2 months before the event starts, you will have 2 months to pre-schedule meetings with agents.

Q. How will I know which agents I should request meetings with?
A. You may search for and identify agents according to their country of origin, the main countries they send students to, as well as the sectors and levels of study they have enrolled students into over the past 12 months.

Q. Who will select the agents and how can I be sure they are interested in sending students to my country?
A. All supporting bodies will be invited to submit the names and contact details of agents they would like invited to the event. ICEF works very closely with all major in-country Agent Associations, as well as inviting all New Zealand Specialist Agents and (Australian) Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC) to apply to attend. Final agent selection will be made by ICEF according to a range of strict suitability criteria.

Q. What qualifies ICEF to make the final agency selections?
A. ICEF has a team of over 10 multilingual agency relationship managers based in China, Russia, Latin America and Europe. They  are constantly checking and qualifying agents, including references from 4 Providers agents have enrolled students or clients with.

Over the past 15 years ICEF has hosted over 20,000 agent participants from 140 countries, and knows most major agencies around the world very well.

ICEF maintains the world's largest and most comprehensive agent database, including a "blacklist" of agencies known to have disrespected standard industry codes of conduct.

Bookings and table arrangements

Q. Can I share a table at the ANZA Workshop?
A. You may share a table with someone from the same institution / organisation as you. This will allow you to collectively hold up to 70 (x 25 minute) agent meetings at your table. You may not share a table with someone from a different institution / organisation. Such an arrangement would be potentially confusing for agents and does not fit within the organisational structure of this event.

Q. Can I request that my meeting table be located next to, or near, another participants' meeting table?
A. The organisers will allocate the tables and comply, as far as possible, with the wishes of the participants. Please advise us if you wish to have your table located near another participants' table/s. The other party, or parties, involved must agree with your request in order for it to be accepted.