The Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop
Queenstown Events Centre
February 29 - March 2, 2012
B2B Meetings

Queenstown, New Zealand

Download the "Getting Started" PDF document for the eSchedule PRO appointment scheduling system.

Providers (sellers) host pre-scheduled appointments with agents (buyers) and other providers (if applicable) at dedicated meeting tables. The appointment scheduling system offers participants direct and total control over the types of partners - by main activity and country of origin - they meet during the workshop. Up to 35 x 25 minute meetings can be scheduled with agents, as well as educators and service providers.

1. Prior to the workshop, details of all invited agents, educators and service providers are supplied via the industry leading eSchedule PRO online appointment scheduling system. Organisations with two representatives can double their effectiveness by scheduling up to 70 meetings.

2. During the workshop, additional meetings and schedule adjustments can be made through personal contact or via a message delivery system. Further social contact between participants is also possible during lunch and refreshment breaks, as well as the evening hospitality events.

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